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The President's Council

The Presidentís Council has been established to encourage the participation and support of individuals and organizations that share the Foundationís interest in and commitment to the development of democratic societies and economic freedom around the world. The resources provided by the Council will make possible the ongoing research, planning, outreach initiatives and operational activities necessary to assure the continued relevance and excellence of our programs.

Members of the Council will receive the following in return for their support:

  • An invitation to events, in the USA and abroad, held during the term of their membership, including those attended by President Gorbachev;

  • Copies of all proceedings and other appropriate Foundation publications;

  • An invitation to the annual meeting and Members only reception of the Council;

  • If desired, listing by name and position with other Council Members in all appropriate proceedings and publications; and

  • Opportunities to suggest future program topics and participants.


t has been said that, among the great visionary leaders of the 20th century, Mikhail S. Gorbachev is a giant. Indeed, the democratization reforms he initiated and inspired in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern and Central Europe have resulted in an expansion of political freedom and economic development possibilities undreamed of by generations of men and women in these areas and beyond. Clearly, he is a man who has had a key role in changing the course of history in ways that vastly enhance the prospects for peace and the realization of human potential in much of the world. 


uilding upon these achievements, The Gorbachev Foundation of North America provides a forum for the sharing of ideas and the dissemination of information through publications and symposia, in the areas of democratization, the global economy, and technology and development. Its programs involve the participation of current and former heads of state and heads of government, cabinet ministers, academic experts, and professionals associated with specialized centers and institutes. The Foundation, an independent organization which is tax exempt under the terms of section 501 (©) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, is operated by a small staff and benefits from the expertise of an international group of distinguished Senior Fellows.


he Foundation has convened a series of conferences and symposia on a range of issues related to the strengthening of democracy around the world, including such topics as the Global Economy; The future of US-Russian Relations; Technology and Democracy; Democratic Transition and Consolidation; and the Legacy of Communism. Programs have to date been conducted in the U.S.A., in the United Kingdom and in Spain, and have included collaborative arrangements with such institutions as Balliol College, Oxford University; Emmanuel and Kings Colleges, Cambridge University; the London School of Economics; and FRIDE (Fundacion para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Dialogo Exterior) in Madrid. In addition to involving heads of state, government ministers, and diplomats in its programs, GFNA provides a forum where people from the worlds of business, policy, and education can exchange ideas on key national and international issues of the day. The Foundation seeks and welcomes ideas for projects that support its mission.

An Invitation

You are cordially invited to join a special association of individuals, corporations and organizations who share an ability to look beyond current international realities and envision a future world populated by nations that have reached a state of political and economic liberalization which is characterized by democratically elected governments and market economies.

Your participation in the Council will help to make possible significant progress toward these objectives, and will enhance prospects for world peace, human rights and prosperity. We also believe that you will find involvement in the Council to be an interesting exciting adventure. It would be our pleasure to have you join us as a colleague in this worthwhile enterprise.

George J. Matthews,

Membership dues
 are as follows:
Individual Membership
One Year
$5,000 US
Corporate/Foundation/Organization Membership
One Year
Invitations and Logo Visability
$15,000 US

For Further information contact:

Dr. George J. Matthews, Chairman
The Gorbachev Foundation of North America
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